• Riders may choose to challenge themselves in the SHORT COURSE, the BIKE LAW LONG COURSE series, or the Q+M ULTRA COURSE in several categories from open, fatbike* and singlespeed*. Racers registered for the series will accumulate points at events throughout the season.

  • At series end the top 3 riders in each Open category, and who have also completed in at least 4 events in the series, will be awarded one-of-a-kind trophies and swag. To compete for the coveted gravel trophies and overall podiums a rider must be registered in an open category. Riders outside the top 3 overall will be eligible for age-group medals which will be awarded to the top 3 in each age group (29-under, 30-49, 50+)

  • The top 3 riders in the sub-categories* (singlespeed and fatbike), and who have completed at least 4 events, will be awarded one-of-a-kind medals and swag.

  • *A NOTE ON CATEGORIES: In order for a category to qualify for the series there must be a minimum of 10 registered riders by March 16th, 2019!! If the minimum number of riders is not met by that date the category registrants will be rolled into the appropriate open category (e.g. Short course men fatbike would roll into short course open men).

  • Men and women will be scored separately.

  • Scoring will be on a points based system where the first place finisher receives 500 points, second place 495 points, third place 490 points and so on and so forth. 99th place and beyond will all receive 10 points and a DNF will receive 5 points. DNS will receive 0 points.

  • Points are given based on overall placing in the category specific distance. As previously mentioned men and women will be scored separately.

  • *At events where the distance for both short course and long course is the same (e.g. Arcadia Grit & Gravel  – 27 miles) racers will be scored within their respective category (short or long) and racers from the adjacent category will be removed from the overall results.

  • A rider must register for the series by midnight EST prior to the event in order for that race to qualify for points.

  • A rider may of course race any distance in a series event outside of their registered category but should be aware that doing so will not qualify them for points at said event (e.g. a short course category rider competing in the 50 mile Lowell Classic Gravel Road Race will accumulate 0 points towards the short course series).

  • A rider may sign up for both the short and long course series, but out of fairness to all racers, either of the single distance option races will only be applicable towards the series of that rider's choice. The rider will need to email and inform us PRIOR to the race which series they would like their points be applied to.

  • To qualify for the series overall standing a racer must complete a minimum of 4 events. A racer’s top 5 finishes will count towards the final series standing. Racers will be given 10 bonus points for up to 3 additional races.

  • Results submitted by the individual event promoters are considered final, and any issues/concerns should be taken up with them.

  • In the event of a tie the racer with the overall better finish at the series finale race event will be declared the winner.

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The MGRS Ultra Course series consists of 5 unique events designed to challenge and thrill riders.

  • In order to qualify for series standings a rider must complete at least 3 of the Ultra course events. A riders best 3 events will count towards their point totals and each event beyond 3 will count for 10 bonus points. Scoring will remain the same as the short and long course series. A DNF will count for 5 points and is not eligible for an upgrade to 10 points as a bonus race.

  • An Ultra course series rider may sign up for one of the other MGRS categories as well, but in the event a rider competes in the Hellkaat 100 mile event it will only count towards the Ultra or Long course series and not both (no double dipping).

  • Categories for the Ultra course series will only be open men and open women for the first year until we determine the interest. We will have custom awards for the top 3 men and top 3 women in the Ultra course series as well as swag/prizes.