Our goal in creating the MGRS was to encourage riders to find out about many of the great gravel events our state has to offer and encourage people to try their hand at more than one or two events. As the series has grown, we’ve thought long and hard about ways to get people out on bikes enjoying our beautiful country roads. During one of those think sessions we realized that the cost of entry might be tough for some people to take on as life can present many challenges. We don’t want money to hold people back from getting healthy and finding a new passion, so we decided to create the first ever Gravel Scholarship! The Gravel Scholarship is intended for newer riders who may have a bike of some sort but it’s just not cutting the mustard, a spouse or friend who really wants to get into the sport, or anyone who is in need of good gravel grinding gear and wants to try their hand at some gravel races.


  • Complimentary entry into the Michigan Gravel Race Series

  • Complimentary entry into 4 MGRS events (excluding Waterloo and Melting Mann due to timing)

  • A brand-new Giant ToughRoad SLR GX1 bicycle

  • Velocity USA wheel set upgrade

  • Teravail tires

  • Velocity USA “bottle trap” water bottle cages

  • A high-quality helmet

  • A pair of cycling shorts, cycling jersey and cycling socks from Grand Rapids Bicycle Company

  • A repair kit to keep you rolling (saddle bag, tube, pump and multi-tool)

  • Hammer Nutrition products to keep you fueled for training and racing

  • Squirt Cycling Products bike wash, chain lube and cleaner to keep your bike working smoothly

  • Bike Law high-quality water bottles



  • Some photos of yourself with your sweet new gear

  • Completion of 4 MGRS events

  • One short blog style post (a couple paragraphs) about yourself and your goals

  • 2 short blog-style posts about your training and preparation for the events

  • One short blog-style post about each event you participate in (4 total)

  • That you use the gear we provide you at the events

  • That you are able to come to Grand Rapids, MI to pick up your gear!

    Upon completion of riding in 4 events and fulfilling your gravel scholarship obligations the bike and all the gear is yours to keep! So, if all of that sounds like something you’re into then read the instructions below on how to apply!


1.       Treat this process as if you were applying for a new job, and draft a nice looking document answering the questions below (Pro-tip: Google “job application letter” for some handy templates and info!).

a.       Who are you? (tell us a bit about yourself)

b.       How long have you been into cycling?

c.       What is it about gravel riding specifically that intrigues you?

d.       Why do want to participate in the Michigan Gravel Race Series?

e.       Why do you want/need the Gravel Scholarship?

f.        Which events are you interested in riding? (Waterloo and Melting Mann are not options due to timing)

g.       Can you provide us with the requested content and use the equipment as provided?

h.       What bike size do you need? (Reference sizing chart on the Giant website)

2.       Email your Gravel Scholarship application to:

3.       In the subject line of your email please label it “Gravel Scholarship Application”


·         Read through the MGRS website and know how it works and what events there are.

·         Like and Follow the MGRS Facebook page for up to date information.

·         Go to the event websites that you’re interested in doing and make sure they fit your schedule.

·         Go to the Giant Bicycles website and check-out the bike size chart


Any applications received after that date will be ignored. We’ll take a week to review the applications and announce the recipient on March 15th. Upon selecting a scholar, we will both email the recipient and announce on our Facebook page. The recipient will be able to pickup their gear the week of March 18th and register for their events that same week (Waterloo and Melting Mann will not be an option due to timing).


Best of luck!